Sausages $7

Galbi/Beef Sausage: Handmade Korean BBQ beef sausage with garlic jalapeno aioli and kimchi relish served on a toasted soft roll

Spicy Pork: Handmade Korean BBQ pork sausage with apple cabbage cole slaw served on a toasted soft roll

Balls $3

Flaming Ball: Cheesy kim-chi fried rice with spicy pork served with DMZ (garlic jalapeno kimchi siracha aioli)

Lil’ Osaka Ball: Japanese curry rice ball with beef and potatoes served with shoga siracha mayo (ginger siracha mayo)

Specials $8

Galbi Poutine: 8 hr. braised short ribs served on top of twice fried french fries with cheese, kim-chi pickled onions and avocado lime crema

Da KFC: Korean Fried Chicken with a sweet and spicy glaze, served with pickled daikon radishes and a kim-chi cheddar cornbread