Crooked Calligraphy

MAY 3RD @ 7PM - 9PM

Learn the awesome art of brush pen lettering while chowing down on Kalbi Burgers and Fried Rice Balls - it's basically the perfect Wednesday evening =)

Crooked Calligraphy is teaming up with Seoul Sausage to bring you a fun night of creative learning and amazing eats in Little Tokyo, Downtown LA!

For $75, you'll get:                                                                                                                           For dinner, you get to nom on one of the following:

1) OG Combo - Kalbi or Spicy Chicken Sausage + Combo side + Drink

2) The Little Tokyo Combo - Vinny's Fried Chicken Sandwich + Combo side + Drink

3) The Great Food Truck Race Combo - Kalbi Burger + Flaming Ball + Drink

If you want to go balls to the wall and upgrade to an alcoholic drink, it's just $5 more!

  • 2-hr lesson in brush pen lettering

  • 12-color Dual Brush Pen set by Mozart Supplies to take home

  • Instructional guidebook that leads you through the basic strokes, forming letters, and connecting them into words

  • Worksheets and practice paper



Shinah doesn't take herself too seriously, and truly believes that every person can develop a unique style. So, come join in for a fun, relaxing workshop and learn a new skill, start a fun hobby, or just get lost in creativity for a few hours.